Treatment for Foot Blisters – the Right Way

expressenchere   July 24, 2017   Comments Off on Treatment for Foot Blisters – the Right Way

Visiting your general physician is always a good idea if you are the prey of frequent foot blisters that are infectious and painful. Blisters occurring due to chemical reactions or other substances also require proper and intense care.

Precautionary treatment for blood blister on foot is better than treatment that a person undergoes after his/her foot blisters have popped and reached their severity. It will surely save you from the unbearable pain which foot blisters can cause sometimes. Each treatment will vary with the severity of each condition; hence it is necessary to rely on an expert’s opinion rather than trying out every antibiotic.

Early treatment, on the other hand, doesn’t require an expert’s opinion and you can start treating a foot blister as soon as you feel it emerging. Early detection and taking care accordingly is a key to prevent from pain of a mature blister. As soon as you feel an itch and feel a blister, here is what you should do:

  • Take off your shoes and your socks if you are wearing any, and wash your feet with cold water. Make sure that no particles of sand or gravel are stuck on your feet.
  • Let your feet dry and cool down. Avoid using a towel, but if you decide to use one, then dabbing is going to be a better option than scrubbing the affected area.
  • Cover the affected area with either a surgical tape or a band aid. However, it is best to wrap it with the special blister moleskin which you can easily purchase from a drugstore.
  • Remove the band aid or moleskin before hitting the sack, and let your skin breathe and re-grow during the night. If you do not notice any improvement the next day, head to your physician without any delay. Closely judge the improvement, and if the irritation is under control, you may repeat the same procedure and hope for improvement before the next dawn breaks.

If your blister is puss-filled, reddish and painful and you assume it is a blood blister or an infected blister, don’t waste time as it could require an intense foot blister treatment. Such treatments involve sterilized needles and expert hands to pierce the foot blisters and pump out the fluid. Puncturing this can rupture the skin around the blister, therefore the expert will be required to carefully cut and clean the underlying new skin with the help of alcohol or a suitable antibiotic. This procedure can be followed with moleskin dressing to keep the affected area clean.