Never Too Early To Start Getting your Central Air System Ready for Summer!

expressenchere   March 24, 2016   Comments Off on Never Too Early To Start Getting your Central Air System Ready for Summer!

While many of us are still trying to figure out what happened to the 2011-2012 winter, others, specifically the Atlanta Air Conditioner Contractors in the area, have already started thinking about the hot summer ahead! Common sense might just predict that this summer is going to be hotter than usual, just like winter was.

In this Atlanta HVAC Guide article, we’re going to share some tips for getting your Atlanta home central air conditioner ready for the summer ahead! From trimming bushes to checking the thermostat and testing it out today, the steps you take now, might save you quite a bit of money in the months ahead!

Importance of Scheduled Maintenance

Just like your car, your home HVAC systems needs professional maintenance and service every year, in order to assure it runs at it’s designed efficiency levels, and runs worry free for the season.

HVAC manufacturers suggest that your system be serviced by a professional technician at least once annually, and some may even require it in order to honor warranty parts replacement.

Best Time of Year for AC Service

When Atlanta AC Contractors are asked about the best way local residents can save money on repairs or replacement, the answer is usually the same. Call us when we aren’t busy! If you wait to call out your repair company on the 1st 95 degree day of the summer, you can plan to not only wait a long time for repair, but you won’t get any price breaks.

By calling for repair or replacement quotes when we have 5 technicians looking for something to do, we are far more likely to give you a break on the bottom line price for a new unit, or even on repairs!

**For the best prices on HVAC repair or replacement, call during the off-season! (Feb-April, Sept-Nov)

Things You Can Do Yourself to Stay Cool

Many homeowners don’t realize that they can do quite a bit to keep their system running efficiently, all on their own.

  • Rinse the outside condenser off after each lawn mowing
  • Keep all debris off the condensing unit (leaves, papers, trash etc)
  • Setup a small perimeter fence around the outside condenser to keep pets from peeing on them!
  • Never aim the discharge side of your mower at your ac condenser. One small rock can cost thousands of dollars!
  • Keep the bushes and shrubs trimmer at least 18-24 inches in all directions. Your unit needs air to work properly.
  • On your indoor units, make sure the room or area around the unit is kept clean and free of clutter
  • ALWAYS keep a clean filter in your return air grill. (replace every 30-45 days, max of 60 days)
  • NEVER run your system without a filter!

Add your own DIY HVAC Maintenance tips in the comments box below.

3 Reasons to Call in a Professional

Nobody likes the idea of having to pay for a service call. Believe me, you’ll like it less when you have to swallow the cost of central ac repair just once!

  • It’s MUCH Cheaper to Maintain your Central AC, than it is To Repair It!
  • Read Your Warranty! The Manufacturer May Require It!
  • Having an Annual Service Agreement may Reduce Repair Costs when it Does Breakdown!