How To Finger A Woman

expressenchere   March 25, 2016   Comments Off on How To Finger A Woman

Learning how to finger a woman can reap amazing results. Just like eating her out, using your fingers on a woman provides the types of simulations your penis cannot do. Also, if you are being kinky and decide to have a little make out session other than in the privacy of your own home, using your fingers is easier and will add big sexual excitement in your make out session.

There are two things that need to be put into perspective first: your fingers must be clean as the vulva and vagina are very sensitive, imagine shoving your dirty finger in your mouth; second. You need to ensure arousal first, never make the mistake of just fondling her vulva or putting your fingers inside her without making sure that she is properly arouse. This can feel very offensive and rude and will very well put her off. Turn her on first before using your hands.

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of her vulva. This little pea-sized button contains more than 8,000 nerves and these nerves are connected to more nerves in the pelvic region, about 15,000 of them. Handle with utmost care. Do not touch the clitoris when your fingers are dry, fingers and vulva must be adequately lubricated. If you touch it with dry fingers, it will stick to the clitoral glan and this could be painful. Also, it doesn’t feel good if it isn’t lubricated.

With your partner, experiment on how she likes this button to be touched. Be sensitive to her body language and oftentimes women are very vocal and she will tell you if that feels good or you will hear her make noises of pleasure. Experiment by varying speed, pace, pressure and motion. Rub her clitoris in a circular motion with three or four fingers for a wide and flat surface; or use just one finger for a more intense feel, you can rub it in a variety of motion or you could use your finger to flick at it. Vary the pressure from soft to a stronger one.

Insert your middle finger in her and feel around for her g-spot, it’s located on the underside of her belly and feels like the roof of your mouth. Stimulate her G-spot again with different styles and be very sensitive to what she is reacting best to. Make sure you don’t switch style too fast so she will get the feel of it first. Try making your fingers “pop” inside her by keeping your finger stiff and doing a come her motion. This will feel incredible to her G-spot. Now do not forget her clitoris, use your thumb to stimulate that while you finger her. One or two fingers is enough, do not stuff her vagina like a turkey; this only appears to feel good in pron. Majority of real women do not like the feeling of being stretched as it is not in any way erotic.

Now that you know how to finger a woman, the next step up would be to go down on her and pleasure her through the art of cunnilingus. Cunnilingus is a lot harder to perform than fingering, which is why it’s so important to do it properly. I recommend you download the book “Lick by Lick” by author and love guru, Michael Webb, which goes through every step of doing this properly. Michael Webb has been featured in numerous radio and television shows including Oprah, Men are From Marz/Women and From Venus, NBC news, along with many other magazines and newspapers.