First Mistake to Avoid Or How to Ruin a First Date

expressenchere   March 25, 2016   Comments Off on First Mistake to Avoid Or How to Ruin a First Date

Find out which mistakes will definitely kill your first date before it even gets started.  It’s important to be yourself and to have fun but having these tips will make it be so much smoother!

From a man’s point of view there are some very definite things you can do to absolutely ruin his attraction almost immediately.  Looking good and beautiful fulfills his visual needs but being careful not to do something weird will insure a second date.  Do not look like the girl looking for the ring!

Who Cares About your Ex?

Big mistake number 1–who cares about our ex’s?  Definitely not the new guy you are sitting across from at the table.  Never ever is it a good idea to talk about the one that ‘got away’.  He doesn’t care what happened or where your last lover lives, even if it is in jail. Plus no ‘bragging’ about how many you’ve had sex with–duh!  Or talking about what a great lover one of the was.  Notice the past tense–was.  This is so not appropriate nor will it get you the next step towards the alter.

Guess what — even if the guy says it’s OK to talk about your former boyfriends, it’s not!  Be smart stay off this topic at all costs.  If you can only talk about past experiences and many ex boyfriends, that tells a guy that she is always coming or going in and out of relationships.  Not a good quality.

Men want to be with women who can stand on their own two feet.
Are you someone who loses your friends immediately when you get into a relationship?  If not, you’ll have things to share about your other friends, not just your ex’s.   Remember this if you want to be the Girls Gets Ring!

A guy will start to compare himself to the stories you are telling about your ex’s.  That isn’t cool.  He doesn’t do that, or if he does, you should be running in the opposite direction and fast.  Being uncomfortable on a date because of past relationship talk is awful and leads to no forward movement towards a ‘health, happy’ relationship.  So, do you think that you are special and it doesn’t apply to you because you are just being honest and sharing the truth.  Not true.  Talking about ex’s is the first mistake, don’t make it.  If you want to really be the Girls Gets Ring success story  –  Be smarter and you’ll be the Girl Who Gets The Ring!