Advantages of Sage Tea

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Sage is a valuable addition to every garden, it’s uses are to numerous to mention all. Besides being a wonderful spice to use in almost any recipe, it also has many medicinal purposes as well.

Sage tea is an essential tonic for women who suffer from the mood swings and night sweats associated with menopause. If taken on a regular basis. It can remedy depression that women frequently experience because of menopause.

Sage is know as an astringent and an antiseptic herb, it also has antioxidant properties that promote better circulation in people experiencing circulatory issues. The teas also provides the drinker with better digestion capabilities, the sage tea works to break up food for easier digestion in the intestines.

Drinking sage tea can also provide relief for people experiencing congestion, it has the ability to clear nasal passages, allowing the person drinking this kind of tea to breathe freely without have any restrictions.

The herb sage is known widely for it’s ability to enhance the body’s immune system, it is for this reason that sage is often included in herbal remedies, tonics and ointments. Because of it’s anti inflammatory properties, sage is considered ideal in the treatment of inflammations and infections located in the mouth and throat.

Drinking sage tea with honey in it is also effecting in suppressing coughs. Strangely enough drinking sage tea has also been known to help in cases of excessive sweating, women drinking sage tea can also expect relief from the hot flashes experienced during the menopausal stage of life.

It is also used by women to reduce or even stop lactation, for some women this can be their saving grace. Speaking from experience, when you are unable to breast feed, producing milk that has no use can be a very big nuisance.

Sage teas have also been known to help with cases of Dyspepsia, that’s is just a fancy medical term for acid indigestion. The sage tea neutralizes the stomach acids that can cause acid indigestion.

Sage tea can also be helpful to reduce febrile conditions, for those of you out there like me who didn’t know what that meant, it is another fancy word for fever. The tea had been known to bring the body temperature down from high temperatures to normal.

So in essence sage tea is a very effective drink and when it is drank frequently, it can prevent numerous ailment. So in conclusion, drink up!


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