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Get Rid of Double Chin Fat

expressenchere   January 15, 2017   Comments Off on Get Rid of Double Chin Fat

Chin fat, double chin, fat face, call it whatever you want, if you have it chances are you hate it. And of course as you age it gets to be flabby chin fat. The question is what do we do on how to get rid of double chin?

When I started to learn more about food and how it affects my health, one thing was made very clear to me, I had to lose fat all over my body. Trying to isolate losing in just one area was not going to work. The same holds true for losing a double chin.

I will say that I really did not need to remove you chin fat before I started eating well and losing fat. My weight was really from the neck down. However, after I lost 20 lbs my not so bad double chin became a turkey neck double chin. So, now I had an additional area to work on.

I was already eating a more healthy diet and exercising, but I had to find out what to do to tighten the fat under my chin. Getting that all important metabolism revved up so your body gets rid of some of the stored fat is good for the whole body. Changing from coffee to green tea in the morning is a very good way to give your metabolism a morning boost.

I would like to add a bit more about green tea. I am not by any means telling anyone that green tea is a cure all, but I can’t help but notice how many articles have been written and how often the experts mention it’s benefits. Although like many other studies there are two sides. The side that thinks it is great and the one that says it needs more study.

For me, anything that helps me to reach all my health goals and to help loose your fat being one of them, is worth a try. Although most of the results have come from lab testing, there has been human testing. All the findings point to the benefits of green tea antioxidants. The antioxidants search for free radicals that may damage DNA, which can contribute to cancer and blood clots.

The evidence has also shown that green tea helps to fight obesity and lower our LDL or bad cholestrol. Both of which are major contributors of poor heart health. Green tea affects our blood vessels in such a way that it makes them less abt to clog.

The part of drinking green tea that does not seem clear is how much green tea to consume. I have read anywhere from 2 to 6 cups a day. Whatever you choose the evidence certainly does support adding some amount of green tea to your healthy lifestyle. You never know, it may be the magic bullet to get rid of double chin fat.

Drink extra fluids

I always weigh myself in the morning because as the day goes on I naturally retain fluids. If you get bloated it will affect the way your face looks. It is necessary to cut the amount of sodium in our diet. Sodium causes our body to become inflamed. We retain fluids so our body can try to dilute the excess sodium.

Excess carbs in our diets act in the same way, which causes us to retain fluids. The fat deposits actually enlarge and cause bloating. To rid of chin fat caused by carbs and sodium, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I still find that very hard to maintain.

As with the other areas of our body, the foods we eat are a big part of the effort to lose fat. Stay away from, or greatly reduce foods that are white. These foods are the bad carbs, white sugar, white flour, white pasta, etc. All the foods that get calories from refined white sugar and white flour making it hard to remove the fat.

Choose your carbs when trying eat a more healthy diet, however, carbs are necessary for good health. Too few carbs have been shown to cause depression in some people.

Incorporate at least 3 servings of low fat dairy in your diet. There have been scientific findings to show that people who do this lose more weight. It is necessary to reduce saturated fats. However, unsaturated fat, or “good fats”,help boost our metabolism. Things like salmon, olive oil, olives also help us to feel full longer.

Finally, learn to read labels, that one change helped me to know exactly what I was consuming in a day. Once I figured out how much I was supposed to have in a day, I was able to think less about food as an enemy or a crutch, and more about enjoying food. All the information you can gather will help to get rid of double chin fat and start your journey to get healthy.

I stared this journey to get my cholestrol under control so I wouldn’t have to take pills.  Once I started to understand just what I was eating and when, it gave me the incentive to learn more. That is why I write these articles, to give others the same incentive.