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A great financial opportunity is coming to me this month!

expressenchere   June 13, 2015   Comments Off on A great financial opportunity is coming to me this month!

This month an OUTSTANDING business/investment opportunity is going to present itself to me! All issues will be legal and legitimate, and I will be able to fully view everything to determine my involvement. This will be a great profitable enterprise for me, as an investor. I will see the growth quickly and the passive income will be immediate and huge! This will be a hugely gratifying experience for all involved and lead to even more business and abundance!

Supporting Actions:

1. I am very skeptical and have been researching business enterprises available locally.
2. I have been reading books about business investing.
3. I review possibilities with my family of lawyers and investors.

Just a matter of choice

wealth and lack are everywhere, it’s really just a matter of which you choose. Nice work on so concisely choosing wealth :-) Thank you.

There are more

there are more business opportunities out there than you could possibly imagine. They come in all shapes and sizes and I am certain the right one is out there for you.

It is coming. And you will recognize it when it does.

Walking away from the military wealthy and free!

expressenchere   June 12, 2015   Comments Off on Walking away from the military wealthy and free!

I feel SO FREE, EXCITED, AVAILABLE, GRATEFUL and HAPPY now that I receive so much passive income from investments and businesses that I can walk away from active service to the Navy. I spend more time with my wife and kids, working on spirit, travel, investments, health, and learning. I now live the life of my dreams and every day I wake up joyous and excited!

Supporting Actions:

I have started a business with the Science of Getting Rich Seminar. I have saved money and am looking for passive income generating investments. I am actively working (while afloat) on my leadership, management, and success principles. I visualize and affirm my intent every day, as well as meditate and strengthen my spirit every day. I pass the messages and discuss what I have learned and give freely of these lessons daily.

Background Information:

I feel it deeply within me that I am meant for a whole lot more than being a Naval Officer. I am a Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, healer, and have been a channel and empathy. Being a shaman and metaphysical teacher has been my dream for 15 years. I have little time or ability to focus on that path as I am constantly working in my current job. I know that I am going to be a teacher and write about my experiences.

I am SO grateful, honored, and proud to serve. I receive great pay and benefits, and travel and see the world constantly. But I would like to shift that into seeing the world WITH my family, receiving more pay and benefits without having to work so hard, and the freedom to maneuver where and when I wish!


Self Confidence and the Lack There Of

expressenchere   June 11, 2015   Comments Off on Self Confidence and the Lack There Of

I wrote this poem during a very low point in my life. It was on the very edge of the low point when I had finally made the conscious decision to change how I felt and not put up with people who abused me verbally, physically or mentally. It simply explains me picking myself up and wanting more out of life and getting ready to finally go for it. Hope you like it.

Self Confidence and the Lack There Of

When confusion sets in and I’m not sure where to go
My heart becomes heavy and I hold my head low.
Distrustful tendencies alter my once confident self.
I once thought I would never remove it from that dusty old shelf.
I listen to my loved ones tell me that I am confused and naive.
Never would I have thought that but now I finally believe.
I will start once again where I had begun once before.
Starting over again but this time I want so much more.

I think here is an advice for you:

I used to be a very confident person. I oozed with charisma and energy. But sometimes, this is not a good thing. I was an asshole. I stole the energy from other people; gained charisma from putting them down – I was popular. Fortunately, I started smoking pot: lots of it. This destroyed me. It took away who i was(who i wasn’t) and turned me to introversion. It was difficult for me to even realize what had happened. Finally i realized that the stuff wasn’t good for me and realized i had lost my confidence just like you (hopefully lost it for different reasons.) What was holding me back from this confidence was the fear of judgment. I learned that I cared what other people thought of me. It started when i was a stoner: I was always thinking people at school judged me for being high – because they did.

Try looking at what has made you lose your confidence. Realize that you are okay! No matter what you do, however much you screw up, you are a wonderful person. It doesn’t matter what one person will say or how you feel at one point. We all lose confidence now and again. Don’t see other people as great judgers – see them as peers. Some may judge you, but you do not have to let them affect you brilliance. Know the power you have and affirm it to yourself. Look at those minute details in your daily life while you experience them, and look for places you are lacking confidence. Look hard, because your mind will try to hide them. See them, and make the choice to change them. Make a point of taking yourself out of that comfort zone. Speak up in the group or meeting when you’re scared – all eyes are on you – but it’s the eyes of peers. You have nothing to fear!