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Carrie Ann Inaba on healthy relationships, getting in dance shape, and (yup) her five cats

expressenchere   March 15, 2015   Comments Off on Carrie Ann Inaba on healthy relationships, getting in dance shape, and (yup) her five cats

by Jessica Ashley

The Internet is a great place to be, especially when you end up in the same corner as Carrie Ann Inaba for seven minutes. We tune in to see her weekly at the judges’ table on “Dancing With the Stars,” but she’s also made many red carpet walks and appearances across the television dial. Recently, Carrie Ann had a visit from a kitty whisperer Dr. Katrina Warren on Animal Planet’s “Housecat Housecall presented by Purina Cat Chow” to help her and her boyfriend work out some issues with their combined five cats.

I will be honest — never in a million years did I think I would use the term “blended cat family,” particularly in a celebrity interview. Before you shake your head and call her a crazy cat lady, know that Carrie Ann has some pretty solid advice about how having pets can lead to a healthier relationship. She says she judged boyfriend Jesse Sloan on his compassion and sense of responsibility dealing with his own cats, and that seeing him interact with her pets was a good gauge for his character.

Carrie Ann also has some empowering words for women who are in a male-dominated field or simply sit desk-to-desk as she does with opinionated men. In the way that you hope your girlfriends will inspire and remind you of how fabulous you really are, she offers bluntly, “All women are powerful.” We need more women to say that out, don’t we?

For those of us who spend as much time lounging as many cats do, Carrie Ann has some solid, simple advice about how to get off the couch and cha-cha our way into “DWTS” shape. Listen in to what Carrie Ann says is the first step to pulling a Marie Osmond transformation of confidence and fitness, whether it’s on the dance floor or in your own kitchen.

What can I do if having the body issues

expressenchere   March 15, 2015   Comments Off on What can I do if having the body issues

Answering this question as below:

Loving your self is the hardest for anybody.. Everybody always tells me I am skinny and beautiful even when I have clearly gained more than a few pounds, but I am taller than some girls so they can’t see past that and my friends and family love me.

I always want to believe my loved ones when they say something like the aforementioned where they see me as a raving beauty whose life should be perfect as they think I look.

But then I see a photo of me that shows the few pounds I have gained but my sisters get angry with me if I say something so I don’t.

Lately I get up at 5 am every morning rain or shine to do 45 mins of some sort of workout. I run, walk or do a video..

It helps me feel like I am doing something. On the weekends I take it easier but it’s hard when u work 2 jobs. I have always eaten foods that are good for me along with my junk food.

My point is you’re not alone..We all look at ourselves that way at one point in our lives some of us are stronger and fight it sooner in our life’s then others do.

My younger sister still is trying to love her body she is short and just had her second child. Her body changed..Older sister (short and curvy too) never has found complete peace but she is getting further after meeting her awesome hubby.

It takes all different times in our lives to reach that point. We all have our own body issues.. I have a larger waist and a tummy roll that won’t ever go away but I have big breast and a fuller bottom then most so I focus on those things.

I am the only one who can make me love myself enough to not want to die at the sight of myself from behind in my bathroom mirror.

This is my battle..My Venda if you will to hold my head up high and feel good in my own skin again.

Rage this war within yourself..Nobody can fight it for your only cheer you on and the beauty is that you’re the only one who can win it too :)

Good luck to you my friend..Fight the good fight everyday and live healthy!!